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Whether you’re moving from halls to private accommodation or moving into halls for the first time, there will be many students moving accommodation over the summer. SUSU would like to wish everyone the best of luck with all their packing and moving but also provide you with a bit of advice to ensure you have a great year with your house mates!

Lay out the rules from the start

By stating rules that you all agree on, you will find living together a lot easier. Rules may seem like you’re trying to be a bore, but we promise you that it will make a massive difference. You can create rules about absolutely anything from a ‘Chores’ list to an ‘After House Party To Do’ list! So go on, sit down for half an hour to discuss and write down rules you would like to have in your new home; but remember – you’ll have to stick to them!

Here’s our very own ‘Kitchen Rules!’ that you can edit and print off for your own use!


Kitchen Rules!1)      Wash up your dishes & pans within 24 hours2)      Don’t leave food in the sink – don’t want a clogged up sink!3)      Keep the kitchen tops clean and spacious for others to use

4)      If you spill something on the floor, clean it up properly!

5)      Take turns taking out the rubbish & remember to recycle!



Discuss Bills


Make sure that you have all discussed and agreed on how payments will be split! If you feel like you shouldn’t have to pay for something or that payments should be split in a particular way; then make sure you have this discussion early on and argument-free to avoid money confrontation later on!


Hakuna Matata

Everyone has different living habits and there will be times where you’ll find that you disagree with one another, but the most important thing is to make sure you communicate with one another and show each other respect!


However, if you are having troubles in your new home and need some advice get in touch with our advice centre here

For more information on Lettings and answers to all your frequently asked questions click here.



Words:  Mayan Al-Shakarchy

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