Seven things you didn’t know about SUSU

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Did you know that SUSU has a new Instagram account? Include us in your pictures via @SUSUSnaps #SUSUSnaps. We also have a Facebook /YourSUSU and Twitter @YourSUSU account so keep in contact!


Did you know that The Bridge at SUSU has a chef, Luke Phillips that has worked in Michelin star restaurant JSW?!


Did you know that SUSU displays all its finances on its website? So, if you ever wonder how it allocates its money, you can find out more here: http://www.susu.org/about/facts-and-figures.html


Did you know about The Valley Gardens? It’s often a hidden treasure at Southampton. Behind the Jubilee Sports Hall and the SUSU building, is a garden home to many rare plants and animal species such as newts and badgers! Why not take a walk to the Gardens on a sunny day? Don’t forget to include #SUSUsnaps to your pictures!


Did you know that SUSU’s highest decision making body is Union Council, which is made up of students! Whatever level you would like to get involved in at SUSU, why not come along to any Union Council meeting and find out more?


SUSU has a diverse range of student groups from Quidditch to Politics, Bhangra to Poker. But did you know that you can start up your own society? Find out how to here: https://www.susu.org/something-for-everyone//starting-a-student-group

Words:  Mayan Al-Shakarchy


Did you know SUSU has a team of students who produce the content for our social media channels and website? If you’ve got a story you think we should know about email us at comms@susu.org


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