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Surely by now you’ve heard of our cat-tastic SUSU the cat competition. With a lot of you away over summer, we knew we’d inevitably miss you. Turns out, a great way to keep up with all the fun things you’re up to is to see some snaps – and what holiday pic isn’t greatly improved by SUSU the cat’s magnificent face? The competition is beginning to draw to a close, so if you haven’t submitted a snap yet, then get photo taking! Entries submitted after August 1st will not be counted so don’t do yourself an injustice by forgetting to submit your entry on time – you only have a few short days left to do so.

Our beloved resident kitty has been on campus for twelve years now, much longer than an undergraduate degree, masters, and doctorate combined! In fact, this is a perfect way to honour our much-loved cat, who has decided to love our university and union as much as we do (some might say more). So, if you haven’t yet got a copy of the mask, you can download it here – http://www.susu.org/whats-on-and-where/cat-competition – and start thinking of clever ways to win our competition. Make sure you share your photo with @SUSUsnaps if you choose to enter via Instagram, and tag #SUSUcatcomp if entering via Twitter. Remember, a tempting £25 of SUSU vouchers is up for grabs! Think of all the tasty treats you could buy between lectures with that…

Words: Caitlin Hobbs

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