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Reckon you could write a screenplay? Better with words than Shakespeare himself? Well, SUSUtv is running a competition that could see your brilliant story idea realised on-screen. The competition calls for a script for four episodes that should last at least five minutes each but should not be longer than ten minutes each. To go along with the guidelines for the competition, at least one episode must feature a rude awakening, which is the competition’s theme. You may decide that your entire story arc focuses on a rude awakening instead – it’s entirely up to you! While we’re speaking about story arcs, it’s important to note that whatever you submit needs to be a complete story. Unfortunately, you can’t submit four episodes out of what would be a ten episode series.

So, if you have an idea, get writing! If you don’t but your interest is piqued, start racking your brains. You have until 12 AM on September 15th to enter, so there’s still time to start getting ideas off the ground. Sneaky tip: as much as we’d all love to see SUSUtv create the  next Transformers movie – there are some things the budget of student clubs won’t stretch to, so if you don’t want to count yourself out of the running early, then try to think of ideas that won’t burst the bank.

This really is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in writing. Last year’s winner went on to win a ‘Best Writing’ award for their work on ‘The Society’. SUSUtv also has a general history of producing high-quality visual media in general, and when else might you get the chance to see your script produced? Elfrida was another memorable SUSUtv production, and is now available to watch online (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvz6_W4mzSg).

So, what are you waiting for? Better get writing, pronto!

Words: Caitlin Hobbs

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