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Today we’re talking to Anjit Aulakh as we continue our series introducing the new sabbatical officers for 2014-15. Anjit was elected as VP Student Communities in the June by-election following the resignation of former VP Student Communities Oli Coles. We caught up with Anjit to find out what he’s planning on doing in the role, and what he’d fill his dream sandwich with. Mmmm.


1. What do you have an irrational fear of?

Ketchup. I know it’s weird but I hate ketchup and I’m scared if someone spills some on me I will go bonkers.


2. What’s the most impressive meal you can make?

Aloo Tikki. It’s an Indian dish which looks like the link this.


3. Do you have any hidden talents?

Not that I know of, I’m stupidly good at mental maths and that’s about it I guess.


4. What was your favourite toy as a child?

It was a Mach Five which is the car the cartoon character Speed Racer drives. I had it on me when I went to sleep, woke up, was eating, playing in the garden, you name it.


5. What would be in your dream sandwich?

OMG greeeeaaaatttttt question. Chicken tikka, with barbeque sauce, lots and lots and lots of it. Then Alloo Tikkis in it with some Indian style chickpeas and also lots of chips and wedges in it!


6. How did you find the quick turnaround between being elected as VP Student Communities and beginning the role?

It was fairly quick for me as I had just about a week after being elected and going into the role as opposed to others who had a bit more time. However it is amazing working alongside such amazing team members and staff, being in a position to make a positive impact to students’ lives is an amazing thing in itself and I’m honoured and glad to be entrusted with this responsibility. The experience so far has been absolutely surreal and brilliant and I’m sure this year will be AWESOME.


7. What were you involved with while you were studying at University to make you want to take on the role

I was involved with SUSUtv, Surge Radio, and just SUSU in general, which gave me a great opportunity to meet up with a whole host of awesome and inspirational people and it was their support which helped me get to where I am today.


8. What’s the biggest issue you want to tackle as VP Student Communities?

I wouldn’t want to pick just one thing out as we have to set multiple goals for ourselves, and given that my role has a number of sectors it would be impossible to pick!


9. What have you been working on in the role so far?

TRAINING. LOTS AND LOTS OF TRAINING… which is awesome. With regards to the role we’re looking at the support and wellbeing of the pre-sessional Course A students who are already here in Southampton, and Course B who have only just arrived. Furthermore we have a lot going on with regards to the organising of Freshers’ activities in general at Highfield and satellite campuses. We are also looking into ways in which we can support postgraduate students better and procuring new kid seats for our commercial outlets, so I’d say there’s something going on on all fronts.


10. What does SUSU mean to you?

In hindi SUSU literally means pee haha, but jokes aside, SUSU is an amazing place where I have truly grown not only as an individual but I’ve also developed and honed my personality. It’s a place where you can in a truly care free manner have FUN, meet a whole range of brilliant lifelong friends and develop yourself in ways you could never have imagined. You could say it’s my second home as I literally spend more time here than even in my house in Southampton.

Words: Howell Davies

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