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Do you ever wonder what all the different positions are in SUSU? We want to make things clearer for you so you’re aware of the different officials who work or volunteer for SUSU. We have seven  Sabbatical Officers, 33 Student Leaders, four Student Trustees and 13 Councillors, who all play a massive part in the running and improving of SUSU so that students have a better time at the University of Southampton. We’ll be releasing Q&A’s of individual Student Leaders, Councillors and Student Trustee, so you can find out more about them and their role!

We are proud to introduce our Student Trustee, Jade Head! Jade Head is an extremely active member of SUSU. She is a member of three Society Committees, JCR Welfare Officer, volunteers with Union Films, Surge and has been a course rep, a union councillor and Societies Officer. This is her second time being elected as Student Trustee so she must love the job! Find out more about Jade and her role below!

Jade Head- – Student Trustee

Tell us about yourself Jade!

I’m going into my fourth year at Southampton and the third and final year of my degree Modern History and Politics. My favourite food is pizza, I love watching Eastenders and Game of Thrones and my favourite film(s) are the Batman Trilogy!

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Committed, Passionate and Friendly

What actually is a Student Trustee?

Ha, good question I get asked this all the time and it’s still such a hard role to explain! SUSU is a charity and Trustee boards are a common way of governing charities. It keeps finances strong, ensures communications are always improving and brings student input into staffing and commercial decisions. It creates the best conditions for students to do great things!

The opportunity profile explains the role really well in order to ensure a well-run, efficient and strong Union, from which elected officers can lead on programs that deliver the greatest impact to students, as a Student Trustee, you are be responsible for ensuring that SUSU complies with the law, with its own objectives, and with the policies agreed by its democratic structures. You provide a crucial role in safeguarding the financial stability, good name, culture and ethos of the Union, as well as actively contributing to its strategic direction.’

What made you run for Student Trustee a second time?

Because I love the role! Having been a union councillor and a student leader as well, being a trustee is by far my favourite! You get to see a side of the union that you would never normally see and all the brilliant things that happen! It ensures that all decisions in every area are not only made with students at the heart but made by students which for me is incredibly important and an exciting thing to be part of.

Can you give us an example of what topics you discuss at meeting?

What we spend our capital money on for example last year we gave SUSUtv and photosoc, as well as a number of AU clubs money for new equipment. As well as this we passed money to refurbish the activities room, refurbish staff offices and create a new Hollywood style diner on level 3 of the union.

What’s your favourite thing about SUSU?

Its ability to make things better for students. Sounds corny but it really is true! From playing board games with internationals to improve their English to ending International fee disparity. Or lobbying the University for Electronic Submission of all assignments to having over 300 clubs, societies and union groups for students to do the things they love in! It really does make the student experience better!

What are the three main things you want to accomplish this year?

The role of trustee doesn’t do things as tangible as a student leader or sabbatical but some things I hope to achieve are raising the awareness of what the trustees actually are, better communicating the things that the trustees do and reducing the underspend in our zones as budgeted money not spent means money not spent on our members.

Do you have any media streams that we can follow?

I’m on twitter @JadeHead1

Words: Mayan Al-Shakarchy

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