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Do you ever wonder what all the different positions are in SUSU? We want to make things clearer for you so you’re aware of the different officials who work or volunteer here. We have 7 Sabbatical Officers, 33 Student Leaders, 4 Student Trustees and 41 Councillors, who all play a massive part in the running and improving of SUSU so that students have a better time at the University of Southampton. We’ll be releasing Q&A’s of individual Student Leaders, Councillors and Student Trustee, so you can find out more about them and their role!

This is Shruti’s second term as our Engineering & Environment Officer so she must love this role! Find out more about Shruti and her passion as a Student Leader below!


Tell us a bit about yourself Shruti!

I am Shruti, I’m 20 and from Yorkshire! I’m studying Aeronautics and Astronautics going into my third year in autumn. I guess my fun fact would be that I’ve lived in four counties so far and after I graduate it’ll be exciting to see where I end up next – I love travelling and moving around, but home will always be home.


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Determined, Ambitious, Enthusiastic


How did you start getting involved with SUSU?

I started to get involved from when I ran for Faculty Officer the first time. I was a Course Representative in my first year and towards the end of it I got talking to the VP Education at the time about what more I could do to get involved. It then snowballed from there! I’ve got involved in so much, so quickly since the first elections I ran in and I wouldn’t change any of it! The Student Leader role opens so many doors and ways to get involved that’s is pretty difficult to say no when your interest is caught.

Other that the campaigns and things I’m involved in as Faculty Officer, I’m on committee for 2 societies next year: Enactus where I have a Project Leader so will be planning, organising and running a project and SUHPS (Southampton University Human Powered Submarine) where I am Secretary and have been helping start up the society ready for the new academic year!


What does the Engineering & Environment Officer do?

As EE Officer, I am the student representative for the faculty. So, I represent the student views to the faculty at one of their main meetings about once every six weeks. Also, I will try and solve issues that come up as and when throughout the year and contact the right people in faculty to get this done. However, I don’t represent them all on my own, I have a great team of Course Representatives and Academic Presidents who do their fair share of representation, and it’s only when the issues get really big or cover more than a single course that I get involved. It’s great teamwork really.

As a Student Leader, I also try to talk to as many students as I can, as I believe that I should know the people I am representing. It means that students can know more about representation, SUSU and how we can help them! At the beginning of the year, I also have a plan of what I want to achieve (or at least start to achieve as I know things don’t happen instantly!) so that I have a direction for the year. I share my plans with the senior Faculty Members so that we can hopefully tie our goals together and at least they are aware of what I want to achieve. On a more Union side of things, I sit on Union Council and Education Zone Committee where we make key decisions on student representation, policies for the Union, budget requests. At each of these I ensure my vote is cast on behalf of the students I represent and not just a personal opinion. Then, I also do all those other things that SUSU has to offer that I’m interested in just because! I’ve got involved with the housing campaign, hidden course costs campaign and I’m trying to work across the Zones in SUSU so we can produce even greater results!


What interested you in running for this position again?

It’s as simple as I LOVE the job! I love being able to get involved, solve problems that will make people’s lives here that bit easier/better. I like that if there is a problem, I have the ability to change that and make improvements. Not to mention all the other stuff that I get involved in as a Student Leader in SUSU!


What are you looking forward to the most this year with SUSU?

I am looking forward to continue and develop the things I started last year as part of my role as Faculty Officer. I want to make sure that what I do still has an effect after I go and keeps helping students year after year. More outside the role of Faculty Officer, I am looking forward to a whole host of things that SUSU has to offer and spend my time getting involved in everything I can: campaigns, feedback, and fun!


What are the three main things you want to accomplish this year?

Communication, Feedback and Organisation: three fundamental things that need to be working well for the student experience of their course to be good. It doesn’t matter what course you are studying – these are much- needed basics. I started these goals last year and the plan for this year is to expand them and push them more with the faculty so my ideas are adopted more widely for things to start getting much better for all the students in the faculty.


What’s your message to students of Southampton Uni?

Get involved in everything you want to and enjoy your time at the university – achieving high grades in your degree is not the only thing you are here for. Have fun, because there’s more to life than academics. If you don’t do either, you’re set for a quiet life of academia whilst you’re here! (Trust me, I did that until I realised I could get involved and have fun as well as do well in my degree!)


Do you have any media streams that students can follow?

Yes, I do! If you want to find out what I’m doing or things happening in SUSU or even just want a chat about what I do or about your course visit/like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FacultyOfficerFEE I’m always happy to help or point you in the right direction, no matter what course you are studying or the year you are in.

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