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Hello Soon-To-Be Freshers and welcome to SUSU!

We’re extremely proud of all the students who have worked incredibly hard to get here and we couldn’t be more excited to meet you all in September.

According to the BBC, there has been a slight fall in A* and A grades in this years A-Level results, but on a more positive note,  you’re one of the 396,990 students that have secured their university place in the UK! And more importantly, the university with the best Student Union!

Now that you are a student of the University of Southampton, you are automatically a member of the Southampton University Student Union, SUSU! Our hash-tag for this year’s Freshers’ is #HelloSUSU, so make sure you include that in your posts and tweets.

Here are few things you should know about SUSU and what we love:

1)  We love Freshers’ Week. We are going to jam pack Fresher’s Week with plenty of activities for you, so make sure you keep up to date with what’s going on with our calendar and tune into our radio station, Surge.

2)  We love our beloved Cat called Susu! You will often find Susu the Cat in the SUSU building, so please be friendly to her!

3)  We love diverse student groups. SUSU currently has over 300 student groups that you can join, so make sure you start thinking of the different student groups you’d like to be involved in! They range from academic subjects, to sports, and art. You can see what’s available here.

4)  We love social media. Make sure that you follow us, like us, and include us in your posts, tweets, and pics! Make sure you keep in contact with us – trust me, it’ll make your Fresher’s Week a lot easier as we’ll let you know where all the freebies are and you can ask us questions. We have a Freshers’ Facebook Page, SUSU Facebook Page, Twitter, and a new Instagram page #susuSnaps

5) We are not affiliated with the NUS. The last referendum SUSU had about its affiliation with the NUS was in 2012 with 3595 voting No and 1296 voting Yes. But don’t worry, you can still use your student card in most stores and have the invaluable student discount (in my experience, it’s only ever been Claire’s that haven’t let me use it).


It’s been great seeing how excited you all are to be joining us in Southampton next month; you’re almost excited as we are!

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