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SUSU wants to provide each and every individual student with a bespoke experience at the University of Southampton. We provide the funding, support, and storage for societies but for it to have a positive impact on your life, and for it to shape your experience here, you need to take the initiative to take part in SUSU.

A lot of you will be students that are living away from home or even international students. You’re put in a different environment which can sometimes be intimidating. Please don’t worry! This is completely normal. It’s just important to make sure that it doesn’t stop you from getting involved with SUSU.

Taking part of SUSU can mean lots of different things, by just joining a society you’re taking part in SUSU! We have over 300 student groups, we really recommend that you join at least one group and try something new! Maybe you haven’t tried something before but wonder what it would be like, or perhaps you dropped a sport that you would like to take up again? Whatever your reasons, university is one of the best times to invest time in yourself and take part in student groups. If you want to have a greater involvement in the running of a student group, then you can run for a position such as President, later in the year!

Perhaps you’re more interested in taking on a decision making role within SUSU? We have 7 Sabbatical Officers, 33 Student Leaders, 4 Student Trustees and 41 Councillors, who all play a massive part in the running and improving of SUSU so that students have a better time at the University of Southampton. There are different elections that occur during the year, but the Spring Elections are one of the most important ones so keep an eye for the banners that will be hanging (often dripping wet from the rain) from building 42! The best way to get involved in SUSU in this way is to come to a Union Council Meeting. We have six of these every year and vote on important policies– we have a Facebook event made for each meeting so keep an eye out for them! Feel free to come to any of these and let us know you’re new so we can give you a hand!

SUSU also provides part-time jobs for students. This is a great way to earn money and gain invaluable experience in a student friendly environment! Any part time roles available will be shown here.

We hope we’ve encouraged you to take part in something within SUSU. We promise it will make your journey at the University of Southampton a more memorable and special one, with the new experiences you will learn, friends you will gain, and memories you will cherish!

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