What’s it like being a Fresher?

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It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s something you’ll probably never experience again – It’s being a Fresher. Your first year at University is different for all but it’s no doubt a learning curve. Here are a few students who were Fresher’s last year, giving you an insight of their first year experiences at the University of Southampton and SUSU.


Jake Claude Fritz – Studying English

Freshers’ year for me was definitely one of the best and most interesting years of my life. A combination of a brilliant university, an amazing subject, great new people and a lovely city meant that the whole year was quite frankly exceptional. When you join university 99% of you will have some reservations, will I find new friends? Will I enjoy my subject? Will I be able to cope? And the answer is yes to all three. I too had those reservations, but I quickly got chatting to people in my halls and in my lectures, and managed to make some really good friendships. As well as that, I joined the Soton Tab, an independent student newspaper, with a really great sense of family belonging. There were older students there who looked out for us, and new ones who were in exactly the same boat and had the same interests. You see, that’s what’s so interesting about university. You’ve got hundreds of people there with similar interests, of the same ages, all going through it together. So whether you’re a physics student that loves cricket, or a sociology student that enjoys heavy metal, there is something for you. In terms of night-life, I love my house music, so there were brilliant events going on at Warehouse every few weeks, and that’s going on this year too, almost every weekend! Even if that’s not your thing though you will tend to find that whatever your night-life interests are, there is a niche or group or place that will suit you perfectly. You’ve got a hell of a lot to be excited about and I’m sure you will all look back at the end of your year with many fond memories, and plenty of new friends.


Joel Foreman – Studying History

Freshers’ week was a great experience for me – being in Bencraft meant that I got to know everyone really quickly, making freshers even better. My course was amazing in first year and the great thing about the University is that there is lots to do in your free time – whether it be playing Intermural sport, going to the common or going out on a night out.


Shara Jamani – Studying Politics & International Relations

Being at the University of Southampton has given me a chance to continue with activities I thought I would never be able to do. I am a member of the Social Sciences Netball team which provided me with than easy and comfortable way to make friends with people who are doing similar courses to me. My Fresher’s experience was honestly brilliant! The amount of friends I made all within the first two weeks was surprising because everyone was in the same position as me with the way they wanted to make lifelong friends. The variety of events that took place during the Freshers’ week were incredible, as there was something suited for everybody every day. Studying Politics and International Relations as a first year was eye-opening, seeing as Southampton allows you to choose any modules from a wide range of subjects outside of Politics gave me the opportunity to study something new – some people even learnt Mandarin! Overall, my Fresher’s year experience was amazing – the university do their utmost best to look after every student and I could not have picked a better university to be at!


Africa Tous – Studying International Relations

What fresher’s week represents was a complete unexplored experience to me. As I am an international student from Spain, it struck me as it’s very different over there. The vibe that surrounds you when arriving is the best encouragement to start the year. Most of the friendships I have made started then, and if not directly, through the societies I joined during Freshers’ week. Although this sounds very cliché, it’s the way it worked for me; it is nearly impossible to avoid meeting people! It is a micro world for youth organised by the youth themselves! It means that everyone adopts a similar spirit in a heterogeneous environment of people, cultures and interests. That was perfect for my course; International Relations since a theme can adopt different meanings to different people so the resulting debate is always fascinating.


Mary Sullivan – Studying English

My first year at Southampton doing English has been amazing, I’ve met some lovely people and really enjoyed my studies. I took starting University as my opportunity to try something new, so I joined the Southampton Vixens cheer-leading squad (really out of my comfort zone). It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, I love the sport as well as all the girls I’ve met! I’d really encourage all the Freshers to try something completely new, you won’t regret it!

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