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SUSU has over 300 student groups that you can get involved in. They come under the following categories: Education, External Engagement, Sports Development, Student Communities, Student Life, and Sustainability. To help you decide what societies you would like to join in September, here’s an introduction and a small taster of the variety of societies we have! We’d like to introduce you to the Boat

Club, Belly dance Society, Paintball Club, and African & Caribbean Society!


Boat Club

Whether you have rowed for years or have never sat in a rowing boat before, Southampton University Boat Club is looking for aspiring individuals that are willing to try something new. Our novice programme takes on around 60 new rowers every year which combines with the senior squads to make one of the largest sporting societies at the university and arguably one of the highest achieving, with our seniors competing at Henley Royal Regatta and Henley Women’s Regatta. Some of our Alumni have even gone on to win Olympic medals! The Boat Club is a very sociable social society with weekly socials so whether you are looking for a physical challenge or just looking to try a new sport, SUBC is a great place to integrate into the university environment. Find out more on Facebook @ “Southampton University Boat Club” See you at the Bun Fight!


Belly Dance Society – Jess Trinkler (President)

Belly dance society is open to everyone from complete newbies to those who’ve tried it before. Come and join us on a Friday night from 5pm to enjoy an hour or two of oriental belly dance. We incorporate different combos into modern and traditional music to make each week something a little different while gradually building up technique! We hold a variety of socials out with classes open to everyone to bring the group together and make the classes so much more fun! And rest assured we have the most fabulous costumes around for any shows! If you are at all interested in trying a new beautiful and energetic form of dance then come and say hi to us at the Bunfight!


Paintball Club

The paintball club is made up of a number of skilled (and quite a few not-so-skilled) players who enjoy shooting blobs of paint at each other. It’s not your average game of paintball though – inflatable barricades to hide behind and a mere 45 meters from end to end make for a fast-paced adrenaline-filled experience at insanely low prices. We’re a competitive bunch who actively train every third week starting from October 4th this year. Each training session costs just £20 and includes 500 paintballs and transport to the venue. You don’t need your own equipment to play, as we’ve teamed up with Empire Paintball and Ambush Paintball to ensure that there’s spare equipment on-hand for all. For those that don’t want to take it that seriously, we can offer plenty of options. Whether you and some friends want to play a couple of times a year, or regularly just for fun, there’s options available. Come and find us at the Bunfight, check us out online at http://www.supac.org.uk, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/228131823866761/ and sign up to our mailing list at https:/ /members.supac.org.uk/subscribe. If you want to get in touch with us, just fill out the form on our website, or drop us an email: committee@supac.org.uk


African and Caribbean Society

As the ONLY University Society celebrating African and Caribbean Culture we are truly one of a kind. For all this Exciting and Inspirational we are the society to look out for. We promote our value of unity through the celebration and appreciation of the Afro-Caribbean culture with members and non-members alike through music, dance, poetry and workshops. We are an ACS Family that prides ourselves in creating opportunities for our members to grow socially and professionally! If you’re looking for the best Freshers Experience, Southampton ACS is for you! Join Southampton for The Ultimate Fresher’s Experience!

We have a Bunfight: 24/09/2014

BBQ & Bonfire Meet and Greet: 28/09/2014

Oceana Tuesday: 30/09/2014

I’m a Fresher Tour: 9/10/2014

For more about ACS look out for us at the bun fight. With our vibrant colours and patterns, energetic afrobeats music and tasty Afro-Caribbean snacks you can’t miss us!

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