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It recently came to our attention that one of SUSU’s international volunteering and fundraising partners, Student Adventures ceased trading as of last night. We have had assurances from the charities involved that the students already on a trip through Student Adventures, including the project currently underway in Peru, are 100% safe with all flights, accommodation and trips have been paid for already and will continue as planned.


We are working hard to get as much information as possible at this time.  Friends, family and interested parties who may be concerned about students ‘in-country’ are advised to contact Chris Richardson Wright, Breast Cancer campaign’s Student Fundraising Manager on their main number (02077 494114) or Katrina Gerity at Epilepsy Society (01494 601300).  Please note that both charities are very busy today and as such it may be difficult to get through.


A press release has been issued by the charity Practical Action (who are also affiliated with Student Adventures) which explains the situation is some more detail: http://practicalaction.org/blog/news/urgent-message-for-student-adventurers/


We have been advised by East African Playgrounds (who are running our Gorilla Trek challenge) that all of their suppliers for trips scheduled for this summer have been fully paid and that the charity ended their affiliation with Student Adventures in March this year.  As such scheduled trips will happen as planned.  If you have any worries regarding this you can contact Tom Gill who is one of the charities founders on 07775 742009. As above it is likely that he will be very busy this morning so it may be difficult to get through.


We will continue to monitor the situation and will publish any updates as relevant when we receive them.


We will be undertaking a full review of our adventures/challenges for next year over the coming weeks to make sure that all activities provided by SUSU and out partners continue to be as safe as possible.


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