Seven things you’ll only understand if you’re a postgrad…

In General

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1.      Hangovers are not what they used to be. You remember turning up to a 9am lecture after partying late the previous night, and wonder what kind of sorcery was working on you. Why does this suddenly hurt so much, why?

2.      Rage against Student Finance policies. For many, Student Finance England won’t fund your fourth year of study, even though they’d fund it if you’d failed your third year and needed to retake… or if it had been tied to your undergraduate degree…Girr!

3.      The deep longing for Loan Day. Speaking of Student Finance, or lack thereof, you really miss those big cash injections you used to get while you were an undergraduate. Funding a postgraduate degree isn’t easy!

4.      The library is actually really useful. “I’ve only been in the library ‘x’ times over my whole degree!” You’ve either heard an undergrad say it, or have said it yourself. Suddenly, you don’t know what you’d do without that haven made out of bricks and mortar.

5.      Your faculty staff are pretty cool. Suddenly you’re in awe of the research they’ve undertaken and books they’ve published. Wow, these guys mean business.

6.      How amazing your subject is. A helluva lot of undergrads complain about their degree choice for three years. Yours is awesome. You worked hard to get here, will work hard to stay, and it sure feels worth it.

7.      The postgrad coffee mornings are pretty special. Free food is just…well it’s just great isn’t it? Nothing can get you on campus easier than a much-needed free cup of hot caffeine, and a free doughnut. Yum. If any non-postgrads try to sneak some of your free food, there will be war. Or at the very least, death stares.


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