If sabbatical officers were Game of Thrones characters  

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Here at SUSU we are led by seven student elected representatives known as sabbatical officers. To give you a better understanding of who they are and what they are all about we decided to tell you who they would be if they were Game of Throne characters.

(Plus if you’re anything like us and longing for season five this will hopefully help fill  the Westeros-sized hole your heart)

Daenerys TargaryenBeckie ThomasVP Welfare – beating the competition to reclaim her throne for a second term, and characterised by a fierce passion for the welfare and equal treatment of her people, Beckie is our very own Khaleesi at SUSU. Reports that she proudly roams the halls of Building 42 with SUSU the cat purring on her shoulder are as yet unconfirmed, but you can count on her to represent you when you need it the most.


Tyrion LannisterAnjit AulakhVP Student Communities – Characterised by an impeccably sunny disposition and a propensity to make people laugh. Like Tyrion at the Battle of the Blackwater, Anjit stepped unto the breach when he was needed most – Anjit’s job is to represent the voices and support the activites of the student communities, from post-grads and mature students, to those at our satellite campuses, and even your very own JCRs. Luckily, winning over the hill tribes isn’t included in his remit.

Tywin Lannister David Mendoza-WolfsonUnion President – well-spoken and relentlessly ambitious, David has become President with significantly less bloodshed than his Westerosi counterpart. David proved himself a natural leader during the great Battle of the 24 Hour library in early 2014, though we suspect that (*SPOILERS*) he needn’t be too concerned about getting caught short on the chamberpot.
Lord Varys Megan DowningVP Democracy and Creative Industries – Megan has her ‘little birds’ spread far and wide throughout SUSU Media, reporting all goings-on, to everyone on campus. As the sabbatical in charge of democracy at the Union, she protects the realm the best way we know how: through the diligent and unrelenting application of Union policy. We’re not sure what to make of her occasional glances towards the Iron Throne in the sabb office…

Grand Maester Pycelle Sophia DangelicoVP Education – The maesters are an order of scholars, healers, and scientists who are trained at a school called the Citadel. Sound familiar? Sophia represents students in their most important endeavour: education, working with you and representing you on issues including teaching quality and feedback. The fact that you can read this at all puts you head and shoulders above the average Westerosi, Sophia is here to make sure those talents aren’t wasted.


Syrio ForelKatie LightowlerVP Sports Development – As a water-dancing (polo) master, Katie understands the importance of being competitive and quick on your feet. Fortunately, she is at less risk of falling foul of the King’s Guard here at SUSU and, so her efforts to support sport and the Athletic Union are unlikely to be cut short.

Margaery Tyrell
Ellie CawtheraVP Engagement – RAG’s influence has yet to reach the depths of darkest Flea Bottom but, as VP Engagement, it’s Ellie’s job to help them get there. Margaery receives high praise for her efforts to develop positive relationships in the local community within and beyond the Red Keep, Ellie will do the same for the Red Brick.


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