10 thoughts International Students shared about life in the UK

In General

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There are many wonderful things which define culture countries, from language and custom to entertainment and cuisine. Culture is a beautiful thing; and here at SUSU we celebrate our wide international student base. But what do said students think of us Brits?


Food for thought

  1. “British students eat the blandest food on the planet with no spices or flavour whatsoever”

Well, food shopping on a budget does sometimes take its toll!

  1.  “Biscuits are a really lousy snack”

Maybe you’ve just not met the right Biscuit yet?


Manners Maketh the Man

  1.  “British people don’t have one side of the sidewalk – there isn’t one side you’re taught to walk on”

This actually irritates us as well!

  1. “British people queue for everything, especially the bus”

Try pushing in the midst of a good British queue and see what happens…. You’ll be queuing before long!

  1.  “People are really polite, especially at customer service”

Just wait until you need BT to install a phone line!

  1. “I never know when British people are being sarcastic.”

No! Really?


Have you seen the weather today?

  1.  “The British always seem to be discussing the weather” “…or just moaning about the weather, regardless of what it actually is”

If we’re moaning about the weather then obviously it’s not the perfect 17.5 degrees Centigrade.

  1. “British students think anything between 5 and 10 degrees is ‘hot’.”

We would use the word ‘warm’. Hot is 10 degrees+!

  1. “Despite always being cold, students still neglect to bring coats or jackets to nightclubs when they go out, as they would rather risk getting pneumonia than pay £1 to use the cloakroom”

Good job we have free healthcare then!


  1. “I was really worried about my first night out in Southampton. At home there are definitely no gay clubs or bars, it’s much frowned upon. The Southampton community is very welcoming and friendly!”

Indeed it is, as are the LGBT Society here at the University of Southampton!


Well that’s British culture as seen through the eyes of our international student, pretty spot on and to be expected! The British Queue is certainly a national pastime but we also like the idea of having specific sides of the pavement to walk on!