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There is now less than a week to go until the start of the best time of your life! Now we know the organised guys will have got their tickets weeks ago. But if you’ve been busy, distracted or just not sure what to get – don’t panic there is still time as we still have a few last minute Masterpasses left!


We introduced the Masterpasses, following on from student feedback as we used to sell tickets individually. This left students stressed about what events they will be going to, unsure whether their flatmates-to-be will also be going to the same events, and left having to try and buy or sell tickets at the last minute based on what their new-found friends were doing.


Thankfully, the Masterpasses prevent these problems. We know that coming to university can feel overwhelming and stressful, so by having two types of Masterpass, it simplifies your options, and means you always know that someone nearby will also be going to the same event as you.


By having two options each evening, you’re bound to have other people in your flat, your block, your house or your course who also have the same Masterpass as you, and the type of Masterpass you pick will also enable you to meet like-minded people, who may end up being your friends for life!


Not only are both passes excellent value for money, but they provide flexibility and fun opportunities for the first six weeks of university – the longest set of Freshers’ events in the history of the Students’ Union.


Both the Out Going and Easy Going Masterpasses are selling fast, so make sure you buy yours now so that you can relax and have fun when you arrive in Southampton.
Choose and buy your Masterpass here.

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