Freshers’ Week: Battle of the Halls

In General

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There are loads of events happening around the Halls over Freshers’… and you might have noticed that quite a few of them are themed, with a fancy dress code. There’s no better time than Freshers’ to dress up silly and have a laugh – here is our pick of the most wonderful and weird themes.

Come As Your Degree

Friday 26th September | Monte | Monte Bar

This is a great theme for early on in the term as it avoids the endless, ‘So, what degree are you doing?’ questions (trust us, it gets dull explaining what Acoustic Engineering is after the first few times). The trick here is to get creative while also making it clear what course you’re there to represent.

Must haves: lab coat (Scientists/Medics), pair of huge glasses and a book (English/Philosophy), Ordnance Survey map and dodgy woolly jumper (Geography).


20s – 90s Night

Friday 3rd October | Glen Eyre | Popworld

Take a step back in time with this event – we can guarantee you’ll come out with some great photos the next morning, with all these decades coming together!

Must haves: fringed flapper fashion, leather jackets, flares, dungarees.


Matheletes vs Atheletes

Sunday 12th October | Chamberlain | Orange Rooms

Hats off to whoever thought up this theme name. Get your flatmates to pick a side and stick to it – there’s no room for uncertainty here!

Must haves: braces, calculator and dodgy central parting/trainers, wristbands, sweatbands.


999 Emergency!

Tuesday 14th October | Private Rented | Orange Rooms

Emergency! You’ve only got a few hours to pull together a costume – and this can be a tricky one if you’re not prepared. Think creatively and focus on the basics – plastic hats are cheap and can be bought at Wessex Fancy Dress on campus. Be prepared to see more boys dressed as ‘sexy’ nurses than you ever wanted to.

Must haves: fireman’s hat, day-glo vest, stethoscope.

Noah’s Ark

Tuesday 14th October | Connaught | Orange Rooms

Plain and simple – find a friend and choose an animal. If you’re a creative type, face paint is a quick and easy way to sort this one out – most animals can be quickly recreated on you and your friends’ face (have a look at some Youtube tutorials for ideas!)

Must haves: bunny ears, yellow and orange face paints (and baby wipes!)…. a tail?


Fruit Salad Party

Friday 17th October | All Halls! | The Cube

This is sure to be wild. Each halls has been assigned a fruit, and when all those ‘fruits’ come together in The Cube… well, you get the jist. Some fruits are harder than others, but you and your flatmates will all be in the same boat, so share ideas and get creative!

Must haves: brightly coloured face paints, neon tights, balloons (they make great grapes!)