Freshers’ what we’ve got in store today

In General

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Can you believe we’re at the halfway point through Freshers’ Week already?! We’re sure you’ve met loads of new people so far, but there are still loads of interesting people just waiting to talk to you, and today might just be the best day for it! One of the highlights of Freshers’ Week is the annual Bunfight takes place today and it’s not to be missed.

The Bunfight doesn’t actually involve some crazed Great British Bake Off-gone-wrong scenario (Mary Berry will not be there, sorry guys. Maybe next year?), but it will be AMAZING. The Bunfight is your opportunity to get to grips with all of the societies and student groups at SUSU, of which there are more than 300! Sports teams, performing arts societies, interest groups, student-run social enterprises and so much more will all be waiting for you in the numerous venues which the Bunfight is spread across. The event will begin at 10am and finish at 4pm, and as we said, this is always one of our most popular events so it is certainly not something to miss!

What more, there will be live showcases from some of our incredible societies throughout the day, so call in at the following times to see some of our students show off their skills: 10am: Salsa, 10:30am: SUSUPA Dance, 11am: Polefit, 11:30am: Afrodynamix, 12:00pm: SUSUPA Dance, 12:30pm: Ballroom and Latin, 1pm: Shaolin, 1:30pm: Lacrosse, 2pm: Boat Club, 2:30pm SUSUPA Dance.

As always, there will be another random happening on the Red Brick at 1pm. Were you one of the lucky ones who got to try out some circus skills yesterday? Today promises to be even better!

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to cope with the next event. From 6pm, our brand spanking new Hollywood Diner on level 3 of SUSU will be declared open with a showstopping evening of tasters and treats. It’s £5 to attend, for which you will be able to taste the delights of what you can expect from the Diner AND our brand new Minghella ice cream parlour, as well as experiencing cocktail flairing, DJs playing smooth American classics and the opportunity to take a seat on those retro seats which look ridiculously comfy.

Elsewhere, The Bridge will be helping you to get to know the area a bit better by introducing you to locals, who you can chat to over a curry from 6pm. Alternatively, if you’re keen for an intellectual challenge and fierce debate, why not attend the Marxist Society’s talk on capitalism and socialism in lecture theatre D of the Nuffield Theatre (Building 6, room 1129)? For the more adventurous among you, ready to enjoy Southampton’s biggest club, Student Therapy at Oceana is waiting for you!

If you’re over in Winchester and don’t fancy the trip over to Southampton, don’t fear, there’s still plenty to do! You could explore the campus or the beautiful city centre during the day, and then laugh your socks off in the evening at the Laughter Lounge which will kick-off at WSA Cafe at 7pm, going on until approximately 10pm.

There’s plenty to choose from, but whatever you’re doing, remember to hashtag #HelloSUSU and tell us your Freshers’ antics so we can keep up to date with what you guys are loving!