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It’s hard to believe that after months of anticipation and worry, excitement and planning, Freshers’ Week 2014 is finally here! We’ve been trying to feed you all of the information you need to make the most of your experience at University of Southampton, in video form. In case you’ve missed any of these clips, catch up below!


A Level congratulations:

This clip was released a month ago on that dreaded A Level results day when you all got the best news of your life; you were coming to Southampton! It seems like such a long time ago now, we’re sure it’s been a whirlwind. This clip introduces the sabbatical officers who run the whole SUSU operation. They are students from the University who have taken a year out to make the Union a better place for you!


A Cat’s Eye View:

In case you’ve missed it, SUSU has a cat, Susu. We do go on about her quite a bit, but it’s only because she’s THE MOST ADORABLE FLUFFBALL EVER! If you’re ever feeling stressed or homesick, you can take a trip to the Union to see if you can locate our veteran feline and give her a little stroke. We’re sure she’ll cheer up your day, and so will this video, showing what it’s life to be in her shoes… I mean paws.


Food and drink:

Feeling peckish? Fancy a beverage? This vital video gives you the low-down on the variety of options available if you want to grab a snack or you’re feeling thirsty on Highfield Campus. From The Cafe’s 10-item hangover curing classic, to mouth-watering meals at The Bridge, we’ve got something to fulfil every need. Take a tour around campus and find out more in this handy round-up.


What is SUSU?:

By this point, you must be thinking, ‘WOW SUSU IS GREAT!!’ (am I right?), but it can seem a bit confusing, knowing what SUSU actually is. Let’s solve the common myth first of all; SUSU is not part of the University. Nope, SUSU is a separate organisation, here to support you guys through your time at the University. We’re run by students, for students, and want to give you the best possible time in Southampton. Check out the video below to find out what SUSU means to some of our current students.

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