Academic Presidents and Faculty Officers have their induction

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SUSU recently played host to 26 Academic Presidents and Faculty Officers for two days of challenging, innovative and ambitious training.
Academic Presidents and Faculty Officers are the most senior academic representatives in their Academic Unit and Faculty, respectively. They co-ordinate the work of SUSU’s 600+ course reps to make sure that you have a say in how you’re taught and assessed.


Sophia D’Angelico, VP Education, said: “Without Faculty Officers and Academic Presidents, I couldn’t do my job: I rely on them to lead our course reps to make sure that your views are represented on your course. Because of this, it’s really important that they’re ready for the year.”


Academic representatives make up the biggest cohort of SUSU volunteers, so Academic President and Faculty Officers were treated to a huge range of sessions to help them excel in their role. Sessions included volunteer coordination, public speaking, and online professionalism. They also took part in one of the most ambitious planning sessions SUSU has ever run with its volunteers: working in groups, they came up with a six-point plan that will decide what your academic representatives do this year.


Shruti Verma (Faculty Officer for Engineering and the Environment) said: “It was nice to know what Sophia as VP Education was doing because sometimes we can be quite detached from that because our roles are quite different.” Rhys Thomas (Faculty Officer for Social and Human Sciences) said: “The atmosphere meant we had a good opportunity to develop strong relationships between all the APs and FOs; we’ll most certainly be able to work much more effectively in a team because of it.”


If you’d like to work with our newly-elected representatives, why not nominate yourself as a course rep? Find out more at www.susu.org/elections .