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SUSU has a huge range of specially tailored career skill workshops available, all in the name of making you more employable at the end of your degree. Sure, you might have a first-class degree, but do you have what it takes to make it in a professional environment? The Your Skills workshops are the key to gaining those extra tricks of the trade – here’s our round up of the ones available over October.


Pushy or Pushover?

Tuesday 7th October | 12pm – 2pm | Assertiveness skills

Assertiveness (and achieving a perfect level of it) is key to workplace success. This session will unlock your potential in recognising your own level of assertiveness as well as differentiating between assertion and aggression, and learning about stress management too!



Wednesday 8th October | 11am – 12pm | Chairing meetings

If you’ve ever had to chair a meeting, you’ll know it’s important to go in with the right skills and attitude: this session will teach you how to make any meetings you chair as productive as possible. The session will cover identifying helpful behaviour in meetings as well as how to tackle challenging behaviour.


Getting it Done

Tuesday 14th October | 3.30pm – 5.30pm | Time management

The ability to manage your own time is key throughout both university and working life. This session will cover stress management and problem solving when it comes to tackling deadlines as well as a personal assessment of your own time management ability and setting personal goals for the future.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Wednesday 15th October | 12pm – 1pm | Team working

You could try only ever working alone, but it probably wouldn’t get you far. This session will tackle team formation, establishing team roles and dealing with conflict.


How to Write Skills and Influence People

Tuesday 28th October | 1pm – 4.30pm | Skills reflection and CV writing

It’s all well and good having skills; the trick is getting potential employers to realise what you can do. This session will help you identify skills you already have, as well as where there’s room for development – and improve your performance in interviews, job applications and your CV.



Health and Safety

Tuesday 14th October | 10am – 11am

Wednesday 15th October | 3pm – 4pm

Wednesday 29th October | 1pm – 3pm

It’s compulsory to attend one of these if you’re the Health and Safety rep for your Student Group, so get one pencilled into your diary!


To find out more and to book onto any of these courses, all you need to do is log on to www.susu.org/your-skills

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