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Last night The Bridge played host to a special ‘A Taste of’ event which saw Freshers’ being able to experience the wonderful level of food served in everyone’s favourite campus eatery!

The Bridge’s Michelin Star trained Chef, Luke, was on hand to create some truly spectacular dishes and was helped along by the wonderful team of support staff.

We took the time to catch up with Peter, a 3rd year Music student and Bridge Team Leader who has a new-found passion for food since joining the Bridge kitchen team just over a year ago.


Peter, thank you for taking the time out of your prep to talk to us quickly today. How much catering experience did you have before going into this role?

None actually! I was on the look out for a job doing anything to support my studying here at the University of Southampton and just fell into the kitchen, I really wasn’t expecting to become so impassioned by what goes on here at the Bridge!


How have you made the transition from arriving with no catering experience to becoming a Team Leader?

Over the last year food and cooking has really turned into a passion for me. Working with a variety of food and helping to rework the new menu has really opened my eyes to what can be possible with food! I’ve enjoyed turning that passion into wonderfully tasty and beautifully presented dishes and I’m eager to show off what this little corner of SUSU is capable of producing.


What’s your favourite dish to prepare on the Bridge Menu?

I really enjoy putting the Confit of Pork Belly together, I love the presentation and it feels like a real accomplishment sending the dish out.









Have you not found it difficult over the last year being new to the world of catering?

I’m thankful that the training I received from SUSU was excellent; it obviously helps being supported by a Michelin Star trained Chef as well! There are so many little tips I’ve picked up along the way from the importance of good preparation to to time management, organisational skills and multitasking. I still find it challenging but also very rewarding at the same time.


Would you want to go on into a career in catering?

I never really had a plan to enter the wider world of catering so I wouldn’t say it’s something I’m aiming for, however the skills I’m learning here are very transferable and I feel safe knowing that even if I don’t get a job straight out of finishing University I’ve a set of marketable skills that can help me keep my head above water.


Do you end up doing all the cooking at home?

Ha! I do but I really don’t mind, as I’ve said cooking is very much a passion of mine and the fact I can share it with those closest to me is a blessing!


Where in Southampton is your favourite place to eat? Beyond the choices here at SUSU of course…

I really like the Royal Thai Pier down by Mayflower Park in Southampton. They present their dishes in a really special way with wonderful plate dressings; Carrot butterflies, tomato skin flowers as well as producing incredibly tasty food!


Thanks Peter, the best of luck tonight with the ‘A Taste of’ Event.



The event last night was well received and rightly so as diners started their evening with a Chorizo and Artichoke Soup, accompanied with Essence of Tomato and Balsamic & Basil Crisps.

Chorizo and Artichoke soup, with essence of tomato with basil and balsamic crisps! #TasteOfTheBridge

The main course saw a twist on a firm Bridge Favourite, the Chicken Español. Oven roasted mixed Olives & Peppers served with Chorizo and Crushed New Potatoes, finished with succulent Chicken Breast and crispy Basil.

The construction of the one and only Chicken Espanol!

Not one, not two but a trio of Desserts finished the evening off; A Lemon Tart topped with Candied Lemon, A Chocolate Brownie balanced with a Fudge Chunk served on an Olive and White Chocolate Sauce and finally an Apple & Vanilla cake finished with Mixed Berries served on a Raspberry Swirl.

#TasteOfTheBridge Apple & Vanilla cake. Chocolate Brownie with Fudge, Black Olive and White Chocolate Sauce. Lemon Tart with Candied Lemon.

If you’re liking the look of the above and wish to continue to put Peter’s new found skills to the test then fear not as ‘A Taste of’ returns to the Bridge on Monday 27th October.

Also if you’re interested in joining the ranks of the awesome SUSU Support Staff then keep an eye on our Work With Us page and don’t forget we offer training to ALL members in the form of the Your Skills sessions.

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