Being a member of the support staff can be pretty great. You can work in-between your lectures, you’re on a zero-hour contract (which is super helpful when you’ve got deadlines looming) and you get to work with a group of students just like you. However, it’s not all fun and games…

1. The responses you get when you first tell someone you have a job in the Students’ Union. “You have a job at SUSU?! As in, THE Students’ Union?”

Adele has

2. But then everyone assumes you get free food or discounts

…we wish

3. Working for Communications: “so you just get paid to tweet all the time? That sounds so EASY!”

snape says no

4. Closing shifts at the Bridge…when a swarm of people come in at 7:30 all demanding food


5. Support Staff Conferences consist of watching a video about people who throw fish around at work


6. When you cover more shifts than you planned to or take on more work than you can handle in one week


7. You wonder what people who don’t have part-time jobs do with their time.


8. Payday is the sole reason for your existence

excited thank you

9. When you work at the Stag’s or the Bridge and there’s only one person in the entire bar but you have to stay open – just for them


10. Lunchtime at the Café



11. But the lunchtime rush is over before you know it, which leaves you looking something like this:


12. You keep finding yourself saying “can’t, sorry, I have to work”


And 98% of the time it’s because you really do have a work shift

13. Having to work on special occasions…… your best friend’s 21st birthday…… your birthday…… all because you couldn’t find/ forgot to ask for cover


14. The countdown to the end of your shift

Britney Spears pencil tapping

AND YET… you love every minute of it, and think your team is the absolute bestest.



Words: Parul Pujara