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What is wellbeing day?

Wellbeing day is a joint venture between the voluntary taskforce of the University of Southampton and the Student Union, SUSU. The aim of the day is to promote wellbeing in general, with a focus on mental health. A diverse range of activities are available to all students and staff who want to get involved. You can get involved in as much or as little as you like!

When and where is Wellbeing Day?

Wellbeing day will be on Tuesday 4th November, 10:00 – 16:00 – so save the date in to your diaries!  The main venues will be Garden Court, the main entrance of Hartley Suite, and the Staff Social Centre (entrance near B4 – Law), and SUSU!

What’s going to be on at Wellbeing Day?
If you’re not sure where to start that day, pop in to Garden Court (Restaurant End) as there will be a range of stalls available for you to find out more information about things such as meditation services, healthier lifestyle support, and volunteering in the community!

There will also be workshops organised by SUSU such as:

  • Time to Change(“Look after your Mate”) workshop
  • Arts and crafts in the Cube
  • Nightline
  • GoFit
  • Special offers on healthy eating in SUSU outlets all day

I’m interested in the Science part of wellbeing & mental health

If you’re more interested in the science part of mental health and wellbeing, there are talks given by academics and science activities available too. The talks that will be available are:

  • Help, everyone’s looking at me! Social anxiety and well-being

Dr Lusia Stopa gives an insight into a condition that’s a major cause of under-achievement

  • Signalling matters: How we survived without claws, horns or being too thick-skinned.

Professor Thomas R Lynch explains how humankind survived historically through developing capacities to work together and share valuable resources.

  • Meta cognition – managing wellbeing and change given by Dr Nick Maguire

The talks sell out very quickly so make sure that you book in advanced at http://www.southampton.ac.uk/diversity/news/events/2014/11/wellbeing_2014_science.page

I’m busy on Wellbeing Day! Are there short sessions?

Yes! There are smaller-scale activities available. It goes to show that your wellbeing should be a constant thing and can be improved in a variety of ways that can take 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or 2 hours!

The following activities will be available:

  • Introduction to mindfulness practice. Learn some no-fuss meditation techniques with Cheryl Dunford (two concurrent 30-minute sessions)
  • Stress and the Mindbody Solution. Physical and mental responses are intimately connected.  With Tricia Worby (single hour-long session)
  • Movement and breathing for wellbeing. Accessible techniques for everyone – highly rated last year!  with Paul Riddy (two concurrent 30-minute sessions)
  • Alfie the Labradoodle (Pets as Therapy) – need we say more?

I want to take part but in a more chilled out way…

No problem! Part of wellbeing is making sure you set aside time for yourself to just chill out! Hartley Lounge will have comfy chairs with some table top games and activities available. Bring your friends over or make new ones! There’s also a musical walk with ben Mawson happening! If you are interested in this, then please register your interest and more details will be sent to youhttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/take-me-by-the-hand-geo-located-musical-walks-tickets-13676694361

This event is organised and run by volunteers! If you would like to contribute in any way, please contact Clare Hutton through C.M.Hutton@soton.ac.uk

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