The Stag’s Head Beer Festival

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There are certain things about this time of year that are set in stone. The leaves will change colour, the clocks will go back  but above all this time of year can only mean one thing… The return of the Stag’s Head Beer Festival!

You have to admire the Stag’s approach to their Beer Festivals, a huge range of locally produced cask ales sourced from the many micro-breweries on the South Coast coupled with an amazing range or world bottled beers! All in all there will be 25 different taste options available over the course of the week long festival starting on Monday 3rd November.

If you’re predicting a Russian Winter then it may be worth coming along to grab a Large One to help warm up!

You certainly shouldn’t consume all 25 differing beers on the first day though else you’ll end up sounding like something out of the Jabberwocky! Call it SUSU’s Revenge if you will!

Save the date! Monday 3rd November for the Stag's Head Beer Festival!#AWeekOfAle


You can check out the Stag’s Head Facebook event for more details!

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