Don’t Rush!

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It might only be November but SUSU want all students to know that they don’t need to rush when it comes to housing.

There is no shortage of student housing in Southampton, don’t be pressured into signing a contract this term! Second years will tell you, housemates are more important than the house; get to know the people you want to live with before you commit to a contract.

There are horror stories from students who have rushed into house hunting before Christmas and been stuck with bad landlords/ bad houses. Loads of students find great houses, even in the summer before they move in!

If you wait to look for a house until Monday 26 January you can:

  1. Find out the best/ worst-rated Letting Agencies
  2. Visit the SUSU Housing Fair
  3. Consider applying for halls with friends
  4. Figure out who you really want to live with
  5. Look at SASSH & SUSU Lettings properties
  6. The Advice centre can check your contract!

For more information and advice about housing check out http://www.susu.org/help-and-support/housing/2013/index.html and VP Welfare Beckie’s blog on the don’t rush campaign http://blogs.susu.org/sabbs/2014/11/03/dont-rush-housing-campaign-2014/#content

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