The University has now launched its very own crowdfunding platform

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The University has now launched its very own crowdfunding platform to help your club or society to fundraise for your own projects and activities. Crowdfunding is a fun and exciting way to get your peers and other supporters involved with helping to fund projects that help your club or society to take part in an opportunity that might otherwise be unobtainable. The possibilities for what you can fundraise for could include things like uniforms, equipment, travel costs, enterprise initiatives and many more. Have a look at the Hubbub website for more examples of what other students across the UK are fundraising for and visit the University’s website to see how you can start fundraising for a project of your own.


Education Enhancement Fund (EEF): This fund exists to support student and staff initiatives at the University that aim to enhance the overall education and experience of our students. In the last few years we’ve supported student activities such as ENACTUS, Formula Student, Team Southampton, SURGE Radio, student health and wellbeing and the Excel Placement Programme; with many more projects set to receive funding in the year ahead.


Learn more: The University be holding an open information session if you, or a rep, would like to learn more about how your club/society can take advantage of these schemes on  Nov 7th from 15:00 to 15:30 in Building 37, Room 3121. To register your interest please use our doodle pole.



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