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It’s always a good idea to know who your local police force are. Unfortunately, burglary, assault and sexual crimes do happen (and have happened recently) and you need to be aware of who the appropriate people to call are when you’re the victim of crime.

Thankfully, Hampshire Constabulary have put together a handy guide for you, telling you who you can call, visit, or tweet depending on where in Southampton you’re based. If you’re feeling keen and creative you could liven up a dull wall at home by printing it out and sticking it up for your housemates to look at as well.

If you don’t fancy reading the guide, the point is that in an emergency (e.g. a crime is in progress or there is a danger to yourself or others) you should always call 999 first. In non-emergency situations, call 101 – with this number you can speak to a local policeman, give information on a crime or report a non-urgent one, find out about events held by the police in your local area or arrange a visit from a police officer. Calls to 101 cost 15p, no matter how long you are on the phone for or whether your calling from a landline or mobile. The 101 service is available 24 hours a day.

For the social media savvy among you, the guide also tells you who you can tweet for support and information. In the Portswood area, you can tweet @PortswoodPolice or @UniCopsSoton.

Full information can be found at Hampshire.police.uk, or you can download the guide at http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/asset/1834579e-81ec-4781-8137-0a11af257a5G/Infra%20805105-Front%20Office%20Contact%20poster%20Southampton.pdf

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