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Over the last two weeks, SUSU has trained the single biggest cohort of volunteers in the union. You might not see them winning on the pitch, or shaking buckets on the red brick, but they’re in your lectures, your labs and your seminars working to make sure your student education is the best is can be. We’re talking about the 302 volunteers who are your course reps, and the newest members of #teameducation.


67% of your elected course reps attended Inductions and Workshops to help prepare them for their roles. As well as learning more about how their role affects students, reps were treated to pizza analogies, sessions on communication skills and conflict management, and invited to take part in #teameducations campaign for the year – details to follow!



So, keep an eye out for your course rep – you’ll recognise them from their blue t-shirts and sunny disposition. And if you do spot your rep wearing your shirt, be sure to snap a photo, and tweet them @SophiaVPEd using #teameducation



And last but not least, thanks to all our wonderful Academic Presidents and Faculty Officers for coming to introduce themselves – and pull funny faces! Thanks especially to Giles Howard, Shruti Verma and Ian Tinkler for helping us deliver sessions, and to Hannah Talbot for acting as our official #teameducation photographer.  

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