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Does your society need more cash for travel hire? Does your sports club need a hand with money for equipment? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of doing a research Masters but can’t imagine getting all the funds together – or maybe you’re keen to start a new initiative with other students at Southampton to benefit others.

We’re thrilled to announce that SUSU is now in partnership with Hubbub, a new crowdfunding site that’s specifically aimed at students, and has produced countless amazing success stories.

Hubbub is works in the same way as other popular crowdfunding sites like Sponsume and Kickstarter – you upload your idea, and persuade people to donate to your cause. The difference here is that Hubbub is focused purely on educational and community projects, so with a specific aim it’s likely that your project will be found by the right people – the right people being willing sponsors.

You can visit the Hubbub site to see some of their success stories, and they are truly phenomenal. Emily managed to raise over £26,000 to fund her masters at Oxford University, and Catherine funded her year of research into mental health, raising a massive £16, 000. There are small-scale successes too – have a look at the Somerville Choir’s campaign to fund their tour around America, raising over £6,000.

SUSU’s partnership with Hubbub means that you or your society could be the next success story to hit the website. If your University club, society, research or project needs extra funding for supplies, equipment or help to attend conferences and events, this is your first step!

Through contacting the Office of Development and Alumni Relations you can apply for your own page on Hubbub and get advice about how to make your project a big success. Find out more at here.

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