A Great Big Thank You to All Blackout Volunteers

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Thank you very much, to all the brilliant volunteers who helped out with Blackout on Friday night.

Now in its third year, the event was another great success. Blackout 2014 was it biggest it has ever been with Winchester joining the other campuses and taking part for the first time ever.  The Blackout campaign aims to raise awareness about how much energy we use and how we can reduce it;  by switching of all unnecessary electronic items for the night we can become more aware about how much energy we use and if it is really worth it. Results from previous years show that by changing our behavior towards energy, we could save over £200,000 a year.

For their effort making sure that every non-essential electrical item across campus was turned off, the volunteers were given free pizza and hoodies that they wear as a reminder that they were part of such an amazing event.

To see pictures from the night and to find out more, like Southampton Blackout on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sotonblackout/timeline?ref=page_internal

Words: Freya Mcmanus

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