Inspiring Women 2014

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This years Inspiring Womens Event was a roaring success. With all in attendance vouching for its inspirational nature and stirring speakers, the event met its purpose and set the bar high for next year.

Beckie Thomas, your VP Welfare and one of the speakers on the night said she was ‘outrageously proud’ of the event. “I’m outrageously proud of the night, both the women who spoke, and those who showed up to learn from them. It was fabulous.”

The evening certainly did what it set out to do, says Beckie: “I’m chuffed that so many people came to hear these incredible women speak! Several people told me afterwards that the evening had really made them think, which was really the point; to give everyone a space to think, discuss and get just a little bit angry about gender inequality. Hopefully several people in the room are now accepting how brilliant they are, and will nominate themselves in SUSU elections.”

One of the things Beckie shared in her speech to take away were her 5 tips: Be kind to yourself; Be brave; Be positive; Be bothered; and Define your own success.

The other speakers were equally positive and full of affirmations, as well as good humour. Karen Lloyd shared a clip of one of the strangest Frozen covers to date, a nice contrast to the more moving talks delivered by the other speakers that moved some in attendance to tears.

Thanks are due to all the speakers, Beckie Thomas, Josephine Knowles, Zoë Hart, Kamaljit Kerridge-Poonia, and Karen Lloyd. We eagerly anticipate next years event!

If you weren’t able to attend, here’s a selection of the books the speakers recommended:



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