Unleash your inner artist with the Mr Nutcase Artist Affiliation Scheme

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Looking to make a bit of money this Christmas whilst embracing your unique creativity? Well, with the Mr Nutcase Artist Affiliation Scheme, you can!

Mr Nutcase is an established phone case supplier which proudly offers their customers stylish designs for hard cases suitable for a wide range of mobile phones and tablets. They consider themselves the “experts in customised mobile phone and tablet cases” for placing quality over quantity and ensuring superb customer service to buyers all over the world.

Mr Nutcase has now designed and built an exclusive platform to give artists and designers the opportunity to create their own designs for phone cases and sell them through the Mr Nutcase website. The artists will be allocated their own profile pages with individual URLs from which they can showcase their work and allow customers to choose from the artists’ designs if they would like to have them replicated onto a phone case.

With each sale of an artist’s design, the artist will receive a commission based on a percentage of the sale price. Mr Nutcase will produce the phone or tablet case with the design, then package and post the completed phone case to its customers. There will be no cost implications for the artist as there is no set up fee and  Mr Nutcase will provide a free service in helping to upload their designs for display on their profile page.

The artists are encouraged to use social media to direct potential customers to their own profile pages where they can view the entire collection and choose which designs to have adapted to fit their mobile devices. Their individual portals on the Mr Nutcase website will allow them to monitor sales of their designs, and commission will be paid at the beginning of the month after they make a sale.

The company has a UK base but the website can be accessed all over the world including America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many European countries, so the artists’ designs have the potential to be sold to a global market. With the right marketing over the artist’s social media channels combined with TV Advertising by Mr Nutcase, the Artist Affiliation Scheme should provide the designers with a new and easy income revenue and the fantastic opportunity to get their work seen on a global basis. So if you know any budding artists or if you fancy yourself a bit of a creative genius – get in contact now! at: http://www.mrnutcase.com.

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