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Feeling upset, worried or stressed? Need someone to talk to? The end of term is upon us quicker than we could have expected and it can be difficult to settle back into being at home, and stressful to start thinking about any coursework that needs to be handed in after the break and the fast-approaching January exams. But fear not, for Peer Support is here to help, and it’s now easier than ever to get in contact.

Peer Support offers a confidential listening service and provides advice via email as well as face-to-face contact.

Students can post their concerns to the Peer Support Facebook page or message the group anonymously and get free and confidential advice quickly and conveniently over the Christmas period. You can also tweet or write a private message detailing your worries @PeerSupportSUSU because yes, you guessed it – Peer Support is on Twitter too.

VP Welfare Beckie Thomas advises everyone to “make the most of their peer supporter, particularly over the Christmas holidays; they’ve all had really thorough training so are ready to help!”

So if you are worried about anything over the Christmas break, don’t feel that you have to bottle it all up until term resumes in January, there are lots of ways to get the support you need thanks to Peer Support’s use of different social media outlets, making it even easier to get in touch when you need to.

Peer Support with SUSU (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/PeerSupportwithSUSU?fref=ts

Peer Support SUSU (Twitter): https://twitter.com/peersupportsusu

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