Does Elliotts Owe You Money?

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You may already have seen the Don’t Rush Campaign with regards to student housing, recommending students to wait until January at least before signing a student property. We want to help make sure that students have the best possible housing experience whilst studying at the University of Southampton, because a stress-free environment at home can improve performance both academically and mentally. The Don’t Rush Campaign is there to remind you that contrary to what the external lettings agencies might be telling you, there is no shortage of student accommodation in Southampton and you have plenty of time to make your final decision, as it is an important one! It’s far more important that you figure out who you really want to live with, decide whether living in a house – and not halls – is the right choice for you, and make sure you end up with a reputable landlord so you won’t face problems further down the line. So it’s wise to make sure you are clued up about all these things before you even think about house hunting!

On 26 January, SUSU is holding a Housing Advice Fayre on the concourse inside Building 42 from 10am – 4pm. Come along with your friends to make sure you get the information you need regarding the best and worst-rated lettings agencies (so you know who to avoid), information regarding opting to live in halls with friends, check out the properties that SUSU Lettings have on offer, get the SUSU Advice Centre to check your contract, find out your rights as tenants, and gain all the crucial information related to housing, such as what to do once you’ve moved in and who to call if you have problems.

In the meantime, please check out the SUSU Housing page and the Advice Centre page to make sure you are familiar with the essential information related to housing before you start house hunting.

An interesting aside…

We have learned that Elliotts Lettings Agency (in Portswood) has gone into liquidation, so if you think you are owed money by them: be that unreturned deposits, fees for services not provided, or anything else you believe you might be entitled to, please contact the Advice Centre at SUSU for guidance.

Simply email advice@susu.org or phone 02380 592 085.

(You might also be interested to know that the directors of Elliotts are also connected to Regents Estate Agents which is based at 81 London Road, Southampton).

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