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Got your student house for next year sorted yet? No? That’s what we like to hear.

The truth is, no matter what letting agents might tell you, there’s really no need to rush in getting yourself sorted for a house for the year ahead. There’s no shortage of housing, so you’re better off getting settled and choosing your housematesĀ wisely (trust us on that one) before rushing into a contract.

So, congrats if you’ve held off until now. If you think you might be ready, late January is a good time to start looking at what housing’s out there – and what a stroke of luck, we’ve got the SUSU Housing Fayre right then. We’ll be on the concourse all day on January 26th helping you get the best accommodation for next year.

At the heart of our Don’t Rush campaign, the Fayre was a huge success at the beginning of 2014: last year’s event saw workshops on contracts, the chance to chat to Advice Centre staff, sessions with your housemates to make sure you’ve got the best group possible, and all the information you’d ever need about locations, utilities and insurance.

This year promises more of the same, as well as an appearance from our now fully-functional lettings agency on campus, SUSU Lettings – and something we can all look forward to; the annual name-and-shame release of the best and worst lettings agencies in Southampton.

We’ll have more information nearer the time of the event but for now keep a little time free onĀ Monday 26th January (it’s the first day of second semester) to drop into the Fayre!

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