Exam Timetables are Out!

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As it’s the end of another term here at the University of Southampton, some of you will probably have January exams to look forward to at the end of next semester. We can confirm that the official exam dates are now out and should appear in your SUSSED accounts under “Exam Timetables”. The exam period will run from Monday 12 January to Friday 23 January 2015. It may seem a long way away but it might be time to start brushing the dust off your forgotten lecture notes and starting to let all the information sink in once more!

If you can’t see your exam timetables on your SUSSED accounts yet, don’t worry. They might still take a while to come, but this should be no later than 29 December. If you are expecting to sit January exams and your timetable has not loaded by this final deadline, contact your Student Office as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out the provisional exam dates here:


Also, these Exam Regulations are worth reading, so you know what kind of calculator you’re allowed to bring with you and when you’re allowed to use a dictionary.

Good luck revising everybody, but also remember to have a restful Christmas break!

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