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It’s an oldie but a goodie: the new year is a great time to step back and take a look at what you’ve achieved over the last twelve months, and what you can achieve in the year ahead. We caught up with some of our Sabbs and Student Leaders to ask them what their resolutions for 2015 are…

Surge Radio station manager Hannah Mylrea told us, “I’m aiming to use my gym membership more than four times next term.” With the Jubilee right on campus, Hannah can just pop up from the Surge studio to achieve this one – if she manages to find the time in her busy schedule!

Joanna Sheldon, station manager of SUSUtv‘s resolution is: “To stress less, to enjoy the rest of uni whilst it lasts and to find a grad job that I’ll really love!” We’re sure she speaks for all the finalists on their last push towards graduation – make the most of it, and look forward to the Grad Ball later this year.

Editor of entertainment magazine, The Edge, Rebecca James confessed she’ll be trying “to impulse buy less Kindle books (it’s a real problem at the moment)!” If you’re having the same struggles, find out when there’ll be book sales on campus or get to October Books for cheaper prices on your course texts.

On behalf of the Wessex Scene team, editor Tahlie Cooper let us in on their goal for 2015: “to publish at least three extra special edition supplements this year!” To keep up to date on those, you can follow the Scene on Twitter – we can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned.

VP Welfare, Beckie Thomas, vows to “be more creative” in the new year – if you’re thinking of trying something similar, check out all the creative societies we have at SUSU.

Anjit Aulakh, VP Communities, had a whole list of resolutions for us: “to be less judgemental, have a more positive approach in life, as always try and go to the gym more often and help a homeless person once every month.” If you’re interested in joining Anjit in helping others, why not give RAG a go?

And finally, a personal goal from our very own president, David Mendoza-Wolfson: “Sabbaticals are prone to a little something we call ‘Sabb flab’. I plan on measuring the circumference of my stomach on New Year’s Eve, and then June and December with the intention of having removed a bit of that sabb flab each time.” Best of luck to David and all those aiming to get in shape this year – keep us updated on #sabbflab, David?

Let us know what your resolutions are for 2015 on Twitter.

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