New Year, New Health Regimes and how SUSU can Help

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At the start of every year, we turn over a new leaf; we make promises to ourselves or resolve to improve or change something about the way we live. A lot of the time, people promise themselves they will undertake a new regime to keep fit or eat healthier: such as deciding to cycle or walk to work every day, pledging to eat their five-fruits-a-day, or deciding at last to brush the dust off their old running shoes to start hitting the gym more often.

At SUSU, we believe the wellbeing of our students is our biggest priority, and that can be through both physical and mental health. Therefore it’s important that we do everything we can to help you to keep your healthy new years’ resolutions, whether you want to start a sport, eat healthy and nutritious meals, or harness your chi by spending time doing something you love every week.

Here are our suggestions for your New Years’ Resolutions, coupled with how SUSU can help you keep them

1) Eat more fruit and veg. If what you’re looking for is healthier snacking; such as crunching on a nice, healthy carrot between lectures, look no further than the Farmers’ Market on the Concourse. With a varied selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables at competitive prices, getting more fruit and veg in your diet is convenient and inexpensive

2) Do a sport. There are over 300 different students groups here at SUSU, and over 80 of those are sports clubs. Joining one in the New Year is easy, just visit www.susu.org/groups to get started. Getting involved in a club can be immensely helpful, as you have the freedom to train as often as you like and there’s the sense of being part of a team. Also, having our very own gym on campus, the Jubilee Sports Centre, is incredibly handy as you can factor in a workout as part of your working day.

3) Maintain good mental health. SUSU is proud to host Wellbeing Week every year to bring you different activities and workshops with the aim of helping you to maintain good mental health. Good mental health is vital for good academic performance, so is pretty important for all you students, especially with January exams around the corner!

4) Take time out to relax and do something fun. With the sheer volume of things going on at SUSU all the time you’ll never be short of things to do to relax and blow off some steam on campus. Union Films, Quiz and Curry nights, Karaoke at the Stag’s – whatever it is you enjoy, make sure you take time out to do it every so often!

5) Have a healthy lunch and a filling dinner. The Bridge is an excellent place to find a filling and nutritious meal for lunch or dinner. The Chef handpicks his herbs from the Herb Garden and the Soup of the Day is always fresh and full of seasonal vegetables. ‘Brain food’ to power those intense revision sessions in the library

Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year at SUSU!

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