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The best selling hip-hop/rap artist will be headlining your Refreshers week, at a gig on campus for just £15! If you needed motivation to get you through exam season, look ahead to the 26th of January when Professor Green will be headlining your Refreshers week in a concert held in Garden Court, just behind The Stags’ head.

With tickets at just £15, this event is sure to sell out fast so hurry up and get your ticket at http://boxoffice.susu.org/view/354/refreshers – you don’t want to be stuck outside wishing you were there!

Keep an eye out on the SUSU Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/YourSUSU) for more of the cracking events we’ve got lined up for your Refreshers week 2015, or head to our Twitter where you can also ‘Read All About It’ (see what we did there? Because it’s a Professor Green song? Anyone?)

The exam season is nearly over – get ready to leave it all in the past and let go for the week.

From your friendly neighbourhood Students’ Union

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