Want to run SUSU next year? Here’s how you can

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The positions available in the upcoming elections have been announced – and we’ve got over sixty up for grabs! If you think you might be interested, there are seven full-time and over 50 part-time positions available.
We’ve also got a few new positions this year: a part-time Charity and Community Officer will support and develop student-led community volunteering projects, reward systems and support for volunteers, and promote the benefits of community volunteering. They’ll also represent the charity-based Student Groups at SUSU. If you’ve got some innovative new ideas or want to help shape the way the student body are seen by the local community, this role will help you develop those ideas into practice and help shape you for a huge range of careers.
We’re also looking for a Housing Officer. We know students care a lot about getting a fair deal when it comes to houses and there’s a lot of work to be done here. Every year, SUSU try to remind students not to hurry when signing for student housing, and now with its very own Letting Agency, SUSU has stepped up its commitment to helping students with all their renting needs.
To further improve this work, the Housing Officer will work closely with the VP Welfare on housing campaigns, and make sure that student views on housing are heard locally and within the community. So many students have appealed passionately on Facebook and Twitter about the housing campaigns that this role won’t be hard to fill. If you feel like you’d be good at it, be sure to nominate yourself! These new roles are part of a wider review we’ve just carried out of our officers here at SUSU. We’re worked hard to make sure we have opportunities for you to do things you’re really passionate about – and things that will help change students’ lives for the better.
If you think you might be interested in any of the positions or would just like to find out more, check out our dedicated section of the SUSU website at www.susu.org/stand for more information. When you’re sure what you want to stand for, you’ll be able to nominate online yourself from Monday 12th January – it just takes a minute!

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