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The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (or QAA) is dedicated to checking that students in the UK are getting the higher education experience they are entitled to expect. The QAA body works to monitor and advise on both quality and standards in UK higher education institutes. There is a Higher Education Review occurring this year at the University in the first week of February, whereby students will be invited by SUSU to talk to the QAA reviewers. The QAA are interested in talking to a variety of students including distance learners, students who study on a variety of campuses and different levels of study.

We asked VP Education, Sophia D’angelico, how the QAA will affect students and what it will mean to the University:

“The QAA recently provided me with a list of types of student that they are particularly interested in talking to, so I am currently in the process of contacting these types of students and inviting them to participate. The student input is an incredibly importance part of the Higher Education Review. Students will be asked questions about their personal experience at university and their opinion on aspects of their experience. The actual visit from the QAA will not affect the student experience, but the outcomes of the review (the conclusions and recommendations which the QAA reviewers come to) may lead to changes within the University which will in turn have a positive impact on the student experience.”

If you have any questions about the QAA or want to get involved in the Higher Education Review, you can contact Sophia at vpeducation@susu.org

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