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The Spring Elections are coming up and  now is the time to start thinking about nominating yourself or your friends for some excellent part-time positions on the Student Leadership Team. We’ve got over 50 part-time positions available across all our Zones – including Creative Industries,  Student Communities and External Engagement to name but a few, so there’s a wide selection of sectors and positions you could get involved in and contribute to.

You can find out more about those other sectors here!

But for now, we’re going to tell you a bit more about External Engagement at SUSU and why you should nominate yourself for one of the three positions available, namely Raise and Give (RAG) Officer, Charities & Community Officer and Student Enterprise Officer.

The role of the RAG Officer is to coordinate and promote all charitable activity within SUSU. Not only will you have the opportunity to organise your own events to raise money and awareness, you’ll be able to promote University-wide events like Children in Need and RAG Week. This may sound like a hard task, but with the dedication and hard work of the Union’s RAG Team you’ll always have plenty of support behind you to help you along the way.

As Charities and Community Officer, it’s your job to support and develop student-led community volunteering projects, reward systems and support for volunteers, and promote the benefits of community volunteering. You will also have to represent the interests of the charity and community student groups (including RAG) on the External Engagement Zone Committee.

The third position in the External Engagement Zone is Student Enterprise Officer. The role involves supporting and developing the enterprise activities of our students, developing reward systems and social support for entrepreneurs, and promoting the benefits of Student Enterprise to the wider student body.

Laura Ash (Recruitment and Outreach Officer at RAG) says:

“As a committee they are very welcoming and one of the most beneficial things is being in a group of like-minded people who are desperate to make positive change in the world. I think the enthusiasm really comes across from the RAG committee and, therefore, the reaction that we get from students is really positive.

It has had a really positive impact in my life. I have met some lovely people and been able to branch out and develop my social and professional skills. It has encouraged me to be more outgoing and reinforced my belief that no goal is too hard, too far or out of our reach.”

Laura also suggests that the ideal candidate for any of these positions should be “organised, open-minded, ambitious, have good people skills, as well as negotiating/persuasion and communication skills. You should also have a particular passion for charity and have some ideas of your own to implement which could improve the way things are run here at SUSU.”

So if this is you, make sure you nominate yourself at www.susu.org/Stand before the deadline (12pm on Thursday 12 February).

…and to get involved in RAG by organising your own fundraising event, visit http://www.susu.org/something-for-everyone/rag/2013/index.html  to find out all you need to know about planning an event.

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