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This year’s elections are well under way, with nominations opening last Monday, giving you plenty of time to write your application and nominate yourself before the deadline on Thursday, February 12th.

Alongside the seven Sabbatical Officer positions up for grabs this spring, we’ve also got countless Student Leader positions that you can campaign to be elected for. Student Leader positions are part-time, so you’ll be working around your degree to lead SUSU for the year.

Four of the Student Leader positions available are: JCRs Officer, Post-Graduate Officers and Student Groups Officer. Let us tell you a little bit more about the roles.

JCRs Officer

Remember when you came into Halls back in your first year? You should have met your JCR, a team of second-year (or older) students dedicated to helping you settle in and get involved with university life. The JCRs Officer oversees ALL eleven of those teams, across all the halls (as well as Private Rented). If elected, you’d work closely with the new VP Student Communities to design and deliver a huge range of events (think Freshers’ Week 2015!), campaigns and support systems, as well as being responsible for a budget of around £100k.

Post-Graduate Officers

There are two Post-Graduate Officer positions up for grabs this year: representing the views and interests of PGR (Research) and PGT (Taught) students across the university. If elected, you’d work with other student leaders and staff to ensure that post-grads have full awareness and access to all the support and enrichment that SUSU has to offer. The Post-Graduate Research Officer is elected in these elections, and the Taught Officer is elected in October when the new PGTs arrive.

Student Groups Officer

We’ve got over 300 clubs and societies that make up the collective ‘student groups’, so it takes someone pretty dedicated to look after them all. The Student Groups Officer co-ordinates support for every one of our groups, whether that’s liaising with staff or finding them support from within SUSU to develop and grow. If elected, you’d chair Student Groups Committee as well as representing Student Groups on Union Council.

For all the latest on the elections, you can follow us @YourSUSU and get in touch with #AJobLikeNoOther.

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