#SUSUGradBall VIPs: Step This Way!

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All week we’ve been leading up to the first of our big #SUSUGradBall announcements, and you’ve waited patiently. The wait is over… here’s the first round of news!

The SUSU Graduation Ball 2015 will be held at Oceana this summer on the 8th June. We’ll be taking you back through time with the “Music Through The Ages” theme, celebrating music and style from decades gone by. And finally (for now), we are opening Priority Sign-Up for the second year running!

You can sign up for #SUSUGradBall Priority from Friday 30th January to Sunday 1st February, for THREE DAYS ONLY. This will give you exclusive access to a range of amazing perks  fitting only for a VIP! We will be announcing these ‘perks’ over the coming week in the lead up to Friday 30th January – we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Let us know what you think! Will you be signing up to get your hands on the exclusive Priority experience? We’ll be releasing more info and chatting to you about the #SUSUGradBall on our website right up until the event: www.susugradball.com.