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In one of the most exciting and unique events to come to SUSU in a very long time, this Saturday will see a five-act line up of Burlesque and Cabaret performers in The Bridge, for one night and one night only. The event features singing, comedy burlesque, and even a psychic comedian. It’s no surprise tickets to this night have been selling fast, and it’s time to see a bit more of what’s in store.

Elsie Diamond (website here) will be the host of the evening. An international songbird, Elsie also performs as a World War II singer and has been on the Burlesque scene since 2010. Her act promises to be a sultry and eclectic repertoire of song and comedy, some of which you can check out on YouTube here.

Character parody act Miss Glory Pearl is performing too. Famed for her unique burlesque/pole dancing combination Burly Pole, she is trained in theatre, classical and modern dance, static trapeze, cerceau, tissu, burlesque and pole dance. Her website offers a glimpse into her world, including her dramatic back story – definitely worth a look in!

Beulah Bell has possibly the most intriguing description on the event poster: mischievous motions. As this YouTube video of her in action shows, we can expect some sensational dancing –  Beulah Bell has stood out in countless reviews, such as this one from a Burlesque dance school!

Somewhere out there, Peter Antoniou’s ears are probably burning while you read this and talk about him… he is psychic, after all. As well as being psychic, Peter is an international performer as a comedy act (or a ‘comedium’) and will be sure to bring a touch of mystery to the evening. Check out his website here to read his glowing reviews from the international press!

Finally, Lena Mae will be bringing Burlesque and glitter to The Bridge. Her website lists her different acts, with names as mysterious and diverse as ‘The Thin White Bones’ and ‘Dirty Boogie’, we can’t wait to see what she’ll be bringing to the show. Her showreel is truly spectacular and promises plenty of dancing, flirtatious smiles and glitter everywhere – The Bridge will be sparkling for weeks!

At just £10 a ticket for these 5 acts (that works out at £2 each!) there’s even a free glass of bubbly on arrival, served by the Velvet Lounge cast and crew. Specialised cocktails will also be on offer during the night. Who knows when an event this unusual and promising will happen across The Bridge again… it’ll be gone before you know it leaving nothing but a cloud of glitter in its wake, and if you didn’t have a ticket… you’ll be sorry you missed it.

Tickets available here. Doors open 7pm on Saturday 31st Jan.

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