The NSS is back, and we need your help!

In General

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The NSS, or National Student Survey, is back for its eleventh year, and is now officially open for all final year students.

The survey collects opinions from students about their experience studying at the university and asks them to provide honest feedback. The NSS has become an important source of information about higher education, particularly for school students applying for higher education, and provides students with the opportunity to mold the future of their course.

The survey itself consists of 23 questions, about the six different areas of the learning experience. These questions are your opportunity to give feedback on the University’s teaching and how it supports its students, as well as giving comments on what could be improved.

Vice President Education Sophia D’Angelico explained: “The National Student Survey is what leads University strategy at local level. It is really important to take part because the University will actively make changes based on the opinion you give.”

“It is also how we can compare ourselves to other institutions and might be used by prospective students to make their choice. Taking part in the NSS is vital.”

To take part of the survey simply go onto the National Student Survey website (http://www.thestudentsurvey.com), and say you’re from Southampton University.