Elections Spotlight: Sports Officers

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With the nominations deadline almost upon us time is running out if you want to be involved in shaping the future of your Union.

The Athletic Union, also known as the AU, is comprised of 75 sports clubs and over 4500 members making it one of the largest AUs in the country. Having such an impact on the sporting scene requires a dedicated and talented team and that’s where you all have a role to play.

First and foremost is the AU Officer; this Officer assists the Union’s Vice President Sports Development with their duties and plays an active part in organising Varsity and the AU Ball. The role requires 10-15 hours of voluntary time a week, and is perfect for anyone with a passion for continued excellence from our sporting teams.

The Intra-Mural Officer handles the organisation of sporting events at the Intra-Mural level as well as between teams within the University. Planning both smaller and larger events, the role is suited to anybody who wants to see friendly competition continue to develop. The Intra-Mural Officer also chairs the Intra-Mural Committee, utilizing and imparting leadership skills.

The Sports Participation Officer is responsible for encouraging people to step up and get involved with all the wonderful sporting options available here at Southampton. The role has a focus placed on engaging those clubs not yet part of the AU as well as increasing participation across the board, especially in under-represented groups.

As with all upcoming Officer positions, you have until 12pm on Thursday 12th February to put yourself forward. Simply head to http://www.susu.org/stand to get started!

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