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The Grad Ball may still seem far away but it is getting closer and closer, and for those of you still wondering what to wear, perhaps a little more information on the theme will help you decide what style you want to go for…

The Bar Quarter in Oceana is going to be all about the peace and love vibes. A trip through the psychedelic 60’s and 70’s, think Austin Powers (maybe for a little suit inspiration?) meets the Beatles. We know you got soul… now show us in The Bar Quarter!

If you want to relive your childhood you’ll want to be in the Disco room! Truly one of the best eras for pop music, this room will bring you everything from Eurythmics to B*witched. Maybe it’s time to whack out the double denim, or some of Britney’s signature looks? This room will be the room you stand in going ‘I haven’t heard this song in ages!’ all night before launching into a word perfect rendition, and is definitely worth a least a visit.

If you’ re all about the more modern music scene, and feel like losing yourself in the club classics that have punctuated your time as an undergrad, you’ll want to be in the Ice House, themed for the 00’s to the now. Relive all those nights you’ve sung your lungs out to Titanium, Just Dance(d) with Lady Gaga, and the all important transition from Destiny’s Child to solo Beyoncé. It might be worth securing your spot on the dance floor near the front, so that you can be the person who was just a few metres away from… well, you’ll find out who in due course!

There will also be a funfair outside for when you’ve had enough of dancing. Between the psychedelic 60’s and the fast spinning rides, it might take a few days for you to see straight again, but it’ll be so worth it. This will define ‘going out with a bang’ for the rest of your life when you look back on your final big University party. Whichever decade fits your spirit, we’ve got you covered. https://www.susugradball.com

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