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Over the past 6 months there has been tonnes of positive changes within the Education zone. Your Vice President Education, Sophia D’Angelico, has worked in so many different areas to ensure that the University of Southampton can provide the best academic experience possible.

In March we received approval for a 24 hour library period, which was trialled 6 days a week from April 28 to June 2. The trial was a great success, leading to the library being opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week over the January 2015 exam period as well, meaning students had access to the library and it’s resources whenever they needed them over exam period! Now discussions have even started to consider whether any of our other university libraries should be open for longer.

Along with the library being opened 24 hours a day, there’s also been work to improve its facilities, with more sockets and seats available than ever before.

There’s also been work to improve technology, with microphones being placed in all lecture theatres so that all students can access recordings of lectures. There is ongoing work aimed at fitting cameras in lecture theatres so that students can watch back previous lectures.

Sophia’s also been hard at work to strengthen the Academic Representation System. With increased training for each type of representative (from the Faculty Officers to Academic Presidents and Course Reps) as well as producing an academic representation system handbook. It’s been ensured that all representatives feel properly supported in their new role. Sophia’s also worked to increase the understanding of the ARS with the academics at the University of Southampton so that these representatives are supported fully by both SUSU and the University.

If you are interested in being part of team education please consider running in the upcoming elections for Faculty Officer and join the team. Or if you would like to lead the team – run for Vice President Education!!


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